July 11, 2022 Chase Klairter

Sign-ups for our fall softball leagues have begun.  We plan to have the following leagues this season:

Monday Night – Men’s League & Co-ed League

Wednesday Night – Coed Doubleheader League

Thursday Night – Men’s Doubleheader League

Fees for the fall season will be a total of $300 for Monday Night and $450 for Wednesday and Thursday Night. Teams that play more in more than one league will have a regular fee for the 1st team and then a reduced rate for the second team ($160 for Monday and $300 for Wednesday and Thursday.)

Coaches are responsible for paying the fall season fees by Monday, August 1st in order to be included in the scheduling process.

The season will begin the week of Monday, August 8th and consists of eight games. We will award a Champion trophy in each division per night.

Practice Fields – All three Ross Park fields are available – with no charge – on your scheduled game night and certain hours on Saturday and Sunday, as available.  Call the Recreation office at 231-799-6802 to arrange your time. 

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